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Dananeer Mobeen biography

In this post, We are talking about Dananeer Mobeen like who is dananeer mobeen?, Pawri Ho Rahi hai Girl, Dananeer Mobeen Instagram and details of "Pawri Ho Rahi hai" viral memes. Dananeer  is a famous tik tok star, actress, model or also Social media Influencer from Pakistan. She is famous by her video “Yeh humari car hai, yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai” viral on Twitter and all the social media. Millions of tweets on #Pawrihorahihai were trending with hashtags and many more.  Many celebrities are making videos and having fun..

''Yeh Hum Hai, Yeh Humari Car Hai aur Yeh Humari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai''

#pawrihorahihai how is viral on internet

A few days ago Dananeer Mobeen uploaded a video (#pawrihorahihai) on her Instagram, in which she went to a party with her friends, telling in that video "Yeh Hum Hai, Yeh Humari Car Hai aur Yeh Humari Pawri Ho Rahi hai".  This video #Pawrihorahihai has created panic all over the internet, it is going viral on all social media platforms.

This video #Pawrihorahihai first went viral on youtube, then went viral on Instagram as well. It started trending on twitter as well #partihorahihai #yehhumhai #yehhumaricarhai #yehhumarupawrihorahihai and many #tag started trending.  After this, this video #pawrihorahihai started going viral all over the internet.

Celebrities are now doing fun with this video #pawrihorahihai. He is making his video viral with this video on internet. You party too.

Yeh Humari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai Video On Trending 

Dananeer Mobeen Instagram

Dananeer mobeen instagram's name is @Dananeerr. She has a 805k followers till 18 feb 2021.

Dananeer Mobeen Biography

Who is Dananeer Mobeen ?

Danaeer mobeen is a dancer, model and social media influencer from Pakistan. She is also video content creators who is making a vlog videos.

What is Dananeer Mobeeen Age ?

Dananeer mobeen was born on 27 December, 2001 in Islamabad, Pakistan. She She is 19 years old youngest girls. Dananeer mobeen's birthday is celebrated every year on 27 December.

Dananeer Mobeen Height, Weight and Body measurement

Dananeer mobeen height 

In centimeter 167 cm
In meter 1.67 m
In feet inch 5.6 

Dananeer mobeen Weight

In kilogram 56 kg
In pound 121.25 pound

Dananeer Mobeen Education

Talking about Dananeer mobeen education so she is a graduate.

Dananeer Mobeen Family

Talking about dananeer mobeen family, dananeer mobeen father's name is Mobeen Ahmad and mother's name is Gul mobeen.

Dananeer Mobeen Boyfriend

Talking about dananeer mobeen boyfriends, dananeer mubeen has no boyfriend, She is a single.

Dananeer Mobeen Amazing facts

  • Dananeer mobeen loves to roam and traveling.
  • She likes to make friends.
  • She is a happiness girls.
  • She doesn't fight anyone
  • She loves to family.

Dananeer Mobeen Favorites

  • She is drinking alcohol
  • She is not smoking.
  • She favorite food is biryani.
  • She is non-vegeterian.
  • She is favorite actore is salman khan.
  • She is favorite actoress is katrina kaif.

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