Baldeep Tik Tok Star Age, Address, Sister Name and Biography

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Baldeep Tik Tok Star Biography

Baldeep is an Indian tik tok star and social media influencer. Baldeep has become famous with the help of Tick Talk. He is making a lip-syncing video. Not only this, but also shares photos on a photo sharing app. who has earne popularity through the lip-syncing app and TikTok. Baldeep's tik tok account has 2.5M and 88.9M likes. Baldeep's tik tok account name is @baldeep01. With the humongous popularity on social media, Baldeep has also collaborated with several commercials.

Baldeep was born on 9 January 1994 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. As in 2021, baldeep's age is 27 year.

Baldeep tik tok star wiki

 Real Name                      Baldeep
 Baldeep's Age                27 year old
 Baldeep's Birthday       January 9 1994
 Gender                         Male
 Birthplace                   Ludhiana, Punjab
 Nationality                  Indian
 Professions                Tik Tok & Social 
                                     Media Star

Baldeep Family

Sorry, we don't have any information of baldeep's family. If you have a information about baldeep's family, so tell me comments below.

Baldeep 01 Sister Name

Baldeep along with his cute little sister (Alia) make a video on tik tok. Baldeep's sister's name is Alia. She is a very sweet and beautiful girl.

Baldeep Tik Tok Star

Baldeep's tik tok account has 2.5M and 88.9M likes. Baldeep's tik tok account name is @baldeep01

More about Baldeep

  1.  Does Baldip know how to cook? - Yes.
  2.  Does Baldip smoke? - Not known
  3.  Does Baldip drink alcohol? - Not known
  4.  Does Baldip go to the gym? - Yes.
  5.  Baldeep's hobbies are in reading, learning, photography, internet surfing.
  6.  The name of Baldeep's father is not known.
  7.  Baldeep's mother's name is not known.
  8.  Baldeep's hometown is Ludhiana, India.
  9.  Baldeep's birthday date is January 9, 1994.
  10.  Baldeep is 27 years old.
  11.  Baldeep's sister's name is Alia.