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Jaskirat Mann Tik Tok: Jaskirat Mann is a popular Indian Tik tok star, model, and social media influencer. Jaskirat mann makes a video with lip-sync on Tiktok. Tik tok lip-sync is popular on Tik tok. The people liked the Jaskirat mann video and people began to follow jaskirat mann, because of which the jaskirat mann video began to trend on Tik Tok and Tik Tok became popular for jaskirat mann. Jaskirat mann, along with Tiktok, became famous on social media. Like Jaskirat Mann Wiki, Jaskirat mann Tik Tok, Jaskirat mann Age, Height, Girlfriend and others, know about jaskirat mann.

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Jaskirat Mann Wiki (Biography)

Jaskirat Mann was born in 16 February 1996 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Jaskirat Mann is from a middle class Hindu family. Jaskirat Mann has reached 24 years of age in 2020.

Name                              Jaskirat Mann
Nick Name                     Jaskirat
Birth Day                       16 February
Age                                24 Years
Birth Place                     Mumbai Maharashtra
Hobby                            Singing
Profession                     Model Tik Tok Star
Nationality                    Indian
Active Year                  2019
Religion                       Hinduism

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About Jaskirat Mann Tik Tok Star

There are 2.2 million followers and 105 million likes of Jaskirat Mann on Tik tokk (16 june 2020). In the year 2019. Jaskirat Mann began making videos on Tik Tok. In small clips on Tiktok, Jaskirat Mann sings songs and also does modelling. The video of Jaskirat Mann people began to like it, people began to share the likes of the videos of Jaskirat Manan, which made popular Jaskirat Mann people.

Tik Tok Name                   @jaskiratmann
Followers                           2,2 Million
Likes                                  105 Million

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About Jaskirat Mann Age, Height and Weight

Jaskirat Mann, the youngest child, is 24 years old. Jaskirat Mann was born on the 19th of February in Mumbai. Jaskirat Mann is 24 years of age. On 24 February, the birthday of Jaskirat Mann is celebrated. The height of Jaskirat Mann is 5 foot 4 inches. The weight of Jaskerat Manan is 4 kg. The chest of Jaskirat Mann is 35 inches, the vest is 32 inches and the biceps are 15 inches.

Age in 2020                           24 Years
Height                                    5 Feet 6 Inch
                                               168 Cm
Weight                                    64 kg
Chest                                       35 Inch
Waist                                       32 Inch
Biceps                                     15 Inch

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More About Jaskirat Mann

Make videos of Jaskirat mann in Punjabi Song.
Jaskirat mann on Instagram, has 131 followers.
Jaskirat mann is famous for its strong Tik Tok speech.
Jaskirat mann loves her mother very much and shares it all with her.
Jaskirat mann loves hanging out in a new location with his friends.
Jaskirat mann has had visions since childhood of becoming an actor.
Jaskirat mann does not smoke, these drinks do not even alcohol.

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Jaskirat Mann Girlfriends and Affairs

Jaskirat Mann is not yet married, but unmarried. Jaskirat mann does not yet have any public girlfriends because the chanting is still special because Jaskirat mann has not yet listed his girlfriend on any video or any social media site.

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Jaskirat Mann's Favorite Things 

The favorite sports game in Jaskirat mann is cricket.
The chosen colour of Jaskirat mann is grey;
Jaskirat mann is Katrina Kaif's favourite heroine.
The favourite actors in Jaskirat Mann are ShahRukh Khan and Salman Khan.
Jaskirat mann is Biryani's favourite dish.
Jaskirat mann is Virat Kohli's favourite sportsman.
Jaskirat mann is Dubai's favourite location.
Jaskirat mann is driving a new position with new locations
The Participating Yoga by Jaskirat Mann.

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