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biography of arman Rathod
Arman Rathod Biography

Arman Rathod Biography

Arman Rathod born in valsad, gujarat, india in 1992. Arman Rathod is also a famous Indian Tik Tok star and social media influencer. Arman Rathod's real name is Sanjay RathodArman Rathod is famous by name of Armaan Rathod on Tik Tok and social media. Armaan Rathod performs very good dance. Armaan Rathod making short dancing clips video on tik tok. He started with Tik Tok as people liked how to make videos on Tik Tok and it became famous both places.

Famous Name                            Armaan Rathod
Real Name                                  Sanjay Rathod
Age                                              28 Years
Home Town                                Valsad, Gujarat, India
Religion                                       Hinduism
Cast                                             Rathod
Nationality                                  Indian
Profession                                    Dancer

Arman Rathod biography
Arman Rathod Wikipedia

Arman Rathod Age, Height and Weight

Armaan Rathod is 28 years old by 2020 Armaan Rathod was born in 1992 in Valsad, Gujarat, India. Armaan Rathod is from a poor Hindu family. Armaan Rathod's real name is Sanjay Rathod but Armaan Rathod on tik tok and social media. Armaan Rathod Is famous as.

The height of Armaan Rathod is 5 feet 5 inches. The weight of Armaan Rathod is 53 kg. The chest size of Armaan Rathod is 32 inches and the waist size is 26 inches and the biceps size is 9 inches. The eye hair color of Armaan Rathod is black.

Age                                                  28 Years
Birth                                               1992
Height                                             5 feet 5 inch
Weight                                            53 kg
Chest                                              32 inch
Biceps                                             9 inch
Waist                                              26 inch
Eye & Heir                                    Black

Arman Rathod age
Arman Rathod age, heiht

Arman Rathod Tik Tok Wikipedia

Armaan Rathod is a popular dancer on Tik Tok. Armaan Rathod has 5.3 million followers and 103.4 million likes on Tik Tok. Armaan Rathod dances very well. It dances in the steps of Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan.  It seems that this is why people have made Armaan Rathod a popular dancer. On the tik tok of Armaan Rathod, on the ID, the name of @Armanarathoud. Armaan Rathod makes short dance comedy and lip-sync videos on tik tok which has a good expression now. So Armaan Rathod Tik ​​tok social media YouTube is everywhere and their dance is being praised.

Tik Tok id                                          @Armarathod
Followers                                            5.3 millions
Likes                                                   103.4 millions
Active Year                                         2019

Arman Rathod dancer
Arman Rathod Tik Tok Star

Arman Rathod Favorite Things

Salman Khan, Ayushman Khurana, Akshay Kumar and shahrukh khan is the favorite actor's of Armaan Rathod.
Armaan Rathod's favorite color is black and pink.
Arman Rathod's favorite heroine is Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt.
Aman rathod's favorite game cricket and football.
Aman Rathod's favorite subject is English.
Arman Rathod's fans of popular tik tok star Riyaz and Hasnain Khan.
Arman Rathod's favorite singer is Gulshan Kumar, Kumar Sanu and Shreya Ghosla.
Armaan Rathod loves reading books and story.
Arman Rathod's favourite destinations France and London.
Arman Rathod's favourite foods rasgulla and indian foods.
Arman Rathod's hobbies singing, dancing, cricket and cooking.

Arman Rathod tik tok stardancer
Arman Rathod Dancer

Arman Rathod Salary and Net Income

Arman Rathod's net income is 10 to 15 lakhs Arman Rathod still earns money from sponsorship of Tik Tok and Instagram.

Net income                                     10 to 15 lakh
Monthly                                          Under Review
Income sources                              Tik Tok & Instagram Insponsarship

Arman Rathod biography
Arman Rathod Tik Tok Biography

Arman Rathod Girlfriends and Relationships

Arman Rathod is not married yet nor does he have any publicly girlfriend Armaan Rathod as he is still single because he is yet to take his career forward

biography of arman rathod
Arman Rathod Tik Tok Biography

Arman Rathod Address and Mobile Number

Armaan Rathod was born in Valsad, Gujarat and is still living on the same. Armaan Rathod Tik Tok star's number has not been promoted yet, so we are telling you that no mobile number of Armaan Rathod is available yet  No, as the mobile number of Armaan Rathod will be public then we will tell you immediately, Armaan Rathod has not published his mobile number

arman Rathod biography
Arman  Rathot Biography